Terms And Conditions

  1. Kindly note that these prices are fixed for the period of 2017. For more details or extra tailored services in other regards, do not hesitate to contact Nigeria Airports Protocol Services (NAPS) with the above mentioned contact details.
  2. Relic Web Networks(RWN) have the sole right to effect changes In NAPS services charges as it may deem fit, with a 30days notice to our clients.
  3. Nigeria Airports Protocol Services is an offshoot service by Relic Web Networks; an indigenous human resources firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.
  4. Therefore all legal documents; LPO, Deeds of contracts, payment and cheque e.t. for Nigeria Airports Protocol Service (NAPS) must be addressed to Relic Web Networks(RWN) the official handler.
  5. All airport protocols expediting services requested by presenting passenger(s)’ details itinerary will immediately attract an accrued service charge invoice, which is payable only after services are completely rendered.
  6. Failure of passenger to arrive onboard airline after the services has been properly booked will attract a penalty fee which is 70% of the total service charges .
  7. It is the responsibility of Nigeria Airports Protocol Services(NAPS) to keep all passengers and the corresponding control office informed about the situation reports prevailing at the airport in a real-time. Please note that NAPS(RWN) do not have automatic control of the Airports Authority regulations.
  8. Nigeria Airports Protocol Services(NAPS) is a non-governmental organization which does not operate fully under Nigeria Government Authority. Therefore have no legal right to change governmental policies on the Airports rules.
  9. Nigeria Airport Protocol Services( NAPS) officers will do their best possible to defend the right and safety of the passenger(s) under their operation service at all times.
  10. NAPS /RWN does not reveal in any way the privacy of passenger(s) in their custody for non-official reasons to any unauthorized third-party.
  11. Both parties ( NAPS(RWN)/ Clients ) can only terminate a duly signed contract after a period of 30days by a written notice, well communicated to the both parties in a crystal clear platform.

 These set of operational terms and conditions can be improved at any time by the RWN without any prior notice to the public or any third party.